Enter the Scruff.

A lot has happened since knocking the old Bigmouthery blog on the head, most of it in Texas. The one in America, not the one west of Stanthorpe. You’ll be hearing a lot about the many differences between my home & adopted home as the volume of Nx vomit begins to fill buckets, then barrels and if all goes well, massive vats of vomitus will liberally splash on these pages – note to some Americans, in this case ‘liberally’ means ‘generously’, not  ‘commie fag’. For those who read the old blog, it’s reasonable to assume you’ll be getting the same kind of long-winded, florid, toilet break avoiding rants that you’ve come to know & tolerate. But more than that, I hope to scratch a little deeper into the process of making art, whether it be writing, acting & musicry. I only have two New Year’s resolutions: engage more with my fellow artists on a more personal level in an effort to expand and improve the quality & volume of my own work and…I forgot the other one. I have set goals to write material with a view to record and/or perform. I have a renewed determination to obliterate what I believe to be jaded, one-dimensional, pigeon-holed perceptions of my work, as blogger, musician, voice over artist & especially as actor. I’ve not done myself any favours in this department in the past, so I’ll be going all ‘Wire’ and getting up in people’s shit cos that’s how they do, y’feel me? I’m not satisfied with being 45 years old and settling into the false notion others have that I can do certain things & not others…or that it’s okay to be comfortable with the fact that some of the talents I have which I believe to be verging on unparalleled in this city should be hidden under a bushel. Be ready, people who’ve judged & forgotten – expectations are soon to be confounded. When I was a kid I was forced to bashfully hand over literally dozens of report cards outlining the fact that I stubbornly refuse to live up to ,my potential. This is a monkey on my back, a monkey that will soon be released back into the wild to be ripped to shreds by its so-called buddies.

I have much to say about America in coming posts. I may also address the elephant in the room  – what the hell happened that I’m back in Aus in the first place? That stuff needs some consideration – I’ve been too preoccupied with catching up with family & friends, adjusting to the rampant expense of life here. And getting my breath back. Americans, Texans, H-towners, I have specific things to say to some of you & will likely address you individually as the tenor & thrust of what needs saying is seriously considered. For now, let me wish for you love and flowing, honest, happy souls. Happy 2015.  I’ll leave you with a tune I posted a couple times on the FB  to celebrate NYE.



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