A Sensitive Man.

I am what may be reasonably considered a sensitive man. Brusque on occasion, forthright, outspoken, I have been known to cause offence, usually unintentionally, by having a forceful tone reinforced by the courage of my convictions. Or the pigheadedness of my convictions. Or being mental. Or just being an ass. 

If this admission of sensitivity comes across as a red rag to a bull for internet trolls, have at it. I don’t have a strong throwing arm unless I’m required to hurl raw meat to the balcony. I care only for the reactions of those whom I love, admire & respect. It’s become apparent to me in the last few months that I must have hurt the feelings of a number of people, but in more than one instance I have no idea how. Where once we had at least some kind of pleasant interaction, now they’ve simply stopped talking to me, or reacting to anything I post on social media. It’s killing me. I do behave badly sometimes & I am far from perfect. Noone can know it or reinforce it better than I can. But if I have slighted you, really hurt you, said something negative, not said something positive, displeased you in any way that you consider worthy of an apology or an explanation you have yet to receive, please let me know. It’s killing me. Every day it’s weighing on a mind already devoting too much room to negative ideation.

I don’t mind being hated, but I hate being ignored.


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